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Feel your best with individual & family health insurance benefits that focus on you. The 360W!SE® Insurance Agency  is embracing the opportunity to improve lives across the United States. All Colors, All Cultures, All Creeds.


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In the last two decades, the USA has made progress in terms of increasing access to high-quality health insurance and decreasing the amount of people without coverage. Despite this, the costs of medical care have seen a dramatic increase, which could potentially put accessibility and affordability in jeopardy for American citizens and businesses alike.


360W!SE Insurance



“As a society, it is clear that there is still a need for competitive and sustainable health insurance agencies, whom treat the consumers of financial instruments like Health Insurance, with dignity. This is why 360W!SE® has implemented its presence in the Private Health Care and ACA Marketplace. We will continue to expand into new areas of the healthcare system with experienced licensed Insurance reps, brokers and agents whom have a passion for helping the mass public pick and chose the right financial health insurance tools that meets their budget, lifestyle and needs. “

Catastrophic Insurance


Catastrophic insurance coverage helps you pay for unexpected emergency medical costs that could otherwise amount to medical bills you couldn’t pay.

Indemnity health insurance


A type of health plan that you can use any medical provider. You or the provider sends the bill to the insurance company, which pays part of it.

Accident Medical Expense


A type of health plan that offers coverage for deductibles, uncovered medical expenses, non-medical costs and loss of income when you are unable to work.

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Since 2001, we have been a family-run, internationally-trademarked enterprise. Our services are tailored to the financial sector of the Health Insurance sector for individuals, families, and groups. We are pleased to offer our expertise to you. As an independent agency, we have the freedom to locate the most suitable policy for your individual needs, without any charges for our services. Finding the right insurance package is our top priority.